Position Summary

We are looking for an individual consultant to conduct webinars on Investment Readiness and Access to Finance for 3 countries in Central America.

The purpose of this engagement is to design and develop a webinar and tools on Investment Readiness and Access to Finance to Impact Hubs in Central America. This webinar will contribute in the increase of the long-term economic growth of early-stage Impact Hubs through the adoption of successful Investment Readiness program.

This consultancy is in the workframe of a project, jointly funded by Impact Hub and IDB-MIF, that has the objective to increase the long-term economic growth of early-stage social entrepreneurs in Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. The IDB project is structured in 3 components, which are:

  1. Structuring the Innovation Hubs.
  2. Entrepreneurial Development and Pre- acceleration Program.
  3. Networking to Scale.


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Impact Hub is about people who see and do things differently.

We invite you to join us!

Key responsibilities

The consultant should carry out the following activities, without excluding others considered necessary to the consultancy:

  • Initial meeting with the Executive Agency team
  • Webinar design (platform, content, etc)
  • Webinar production
  • Election of a stable platform for his/her webinar
  • Delivery of weekly virtual Webinar sessions as facilitator
  • Deliver and prepare all required planning materials for Webinars (e.g. participant guides, materials).
  • Send reminders
  • Coordinate with participants their attendance
  • Coordinate changes and improvements in the IT structure of the workspace.
  • Preparation of minutes and follow-up to all Webinar sessions
  • Support the monitoring and evaluation of the sessions.
  • Ensure that the content and information is up to date and easily accessible
  • Upload the videos to the LMS platform of IH

Candidate Profile

Are we a match?

  • Education: Business Administration, Economist, Education, or Industrial Engineering.
  • 10 years of experience in support and advisory ventures on investment readiness, investment funds, etc.
  • Certifications and degrees/other:  Master´s degree (preferred)
  • Languages: Spanish and English
  • Relevant jobs: Investor, Strategy Consultant and/or consultant on Investment Readiness.

IDB Eligibility criteria?

The contractor fulfilling this project…

  • Must be a citizen of a member country of the IDB.
  • if a public official, must: (i) be on leave without pay; (ii) not have worked with the contractor during the period immediately preceding the commencement of your license, and (iii) not create a conflict of interest by your being hired.
  • must not have any family or business relationship with any staff members of the contracting or executing agency who are directly or indirectly involved in any part of: (i) The preparation of these terms of reference, (ii) The selection process, and/or (iii) Supervision of the work.
  • must not have another full-time contract in any project financed by the IDB and/or MIF.
  • if the consultant is a relative (up to third degree of consanguinity or adoption and/or the second degree by marriage or cohabitation) of any employee of the IDB, the consultant must inform the executing agency and the MIF must be consulted prior to formalizing.
  • must not have another full-time contract in any project financed by the IDB and/or MIF.

Job Specificiation

  • Role: Consultant
  • Outcome of the contract:
    • Webinar sessions according the work plan approved
    • Institutional Power Point presentation for webinars;
    • Evaluations and attendance
    • Materials and tools for webinars, homework and others necessary
  • Reporting to: Ana Ruth Henríquez
  • Location: Consultant must be a citizen of a member country of the IDB.
  • Contract term: 5 sessions
  • Remuneration: $3,000 USD

Payment will be made according to the following schedule:

  • $1,500 upon Initial meeting
  • $1,500 upon delivery of the final report with participants evaluation

Application Process

  • Please forward your application to Ana Henriquez: ana.henriquez@impacthub.net  by April 2, 2018 (midnight CET), including the following documents:
    • CV or Resume. 
    • Cover letter
  • Upon initial screening, additional interviews may be conducted. The final decision will then be communicated by latest 30 April 2018.
  • For additional information please review Terms of Reference.
Anna Arató

Anna Arató

HR Operations Coordinator